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Elevate your brand visibility with our premium Roll-up banner standees — versatile, portable, and perfect for effective promotions. Whether you’re at a trade show, event, or in-store, our Roll-up banners offer a professional and eye-catching solution to showcase your brand. Our Aluminium Standee is crafted to deliver exceptional results, featuring durable construction, vibrant printing, and easy portability. It’s the ideal choice for boosting your brand presence and making a lasting impression. Order now at just ₹1,300.00 per Standee and take your promotional efforts to new heights!

NGO banner standee promoting community empowerment and social change

Standy Flex | Banner Standee | 2 x 5 Ft Roll-Up Standee

Price: ₹1,300.00

Key Features:

Compact Size: This 2×5 ft Banner Stand optimizes visibility in minimal space.
Durable Aluminium Standee: Provides sturdy support for long-lasting use.
Vibrant Printing: Utilizes Star Flex Banner Printing for eye-catching graphics.
Portable Banner Stand: Includes a travel bag for easy transportation.
Versatile: Ideal for events, promotions, and trade shows.

Product Details:

Discover the ultimate promotional tool with our 2×5 ft Aluminium Standee, tailored for events, promotions, and trade shows. Crafted from durable aluminium and boasting high-resolution Star Flex Banner Printing, it ensures vibrant graphics and sturdy support. Complete with a travel bag for effortless transportation, this Flex Banner Stand is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. With easy setup and customizable options, elevate your brand visibility today. Don’t miss out, order now at just ₹1,300.00 per standee!

Unveiling the Dynamic Advantages of Roll-Up Standee Banner for Enhanced Brand Visibility

Unlock unparalleled benefits with retractable display stands & roll-up standees, seamlessly combining portability, quick setup, and vibrant graphics to elevate your brand’s visibility. These versatile displays serve as powerful marketing assets, providing a lightweight and easily transportable solution that ensures your brand stands out at events and promotional activities. With customizable messaging and instant impact, pull-up banners amplify your promotional efforts, leaving a memorable mark on your target audience and making every marketing endeavour count.

Stand Out with Stunning Banner Standee Samples

Explore our collection of eye-catching banner standee sample photos, showcasing the versatility and quality of our products. From vibrant designs to sleek roll-up banners, discover inspiration for your next promotional display. Elevate your brand presence and capture attention with these impressive examples. Ready to make an impact? Contact us to bring your vision to life!

Harness the Power of Banner Standees: Elevate Your Brand Presence

Banner standees offer a myriad of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts. Firstly, they provide unparalleled visibility, drawing attention to your brand and message in high-traffic areas such as trade shows, conferences, and retail environments. Their portability and ease of setup make them ideal for on-the-go marketing, allowing you to effortlessly showcase your products or services wherever your audience may be. Additionally, banner standees are highly customizable, enabling you to tailor your messaging, graphics, and design to suit your unique brand identity and promotional goals. With their cost-effectiveness and durability, banner standees represent a long-term investment in your marketing strategy, delivering consistent visibility and impact for your business.

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential with Standy Flex: Dynamic Marketing Solutions

Standy Flex, a versatile and dynamic marketing solution, offers businesses a compelling platform to showcase their brand identity and promotional messages. With its lightweight and portable design, Standy Flex provides unmatched flexibility, making it easy to set up and display in various locations such as trade shows, events, and retail spaces. Its durable construction ensures longevity, allowing for repeated use without compromising on quality. Whether it’s promoting new products, announcing special offers, or simply increasing brand visibility, Standy Flex stands tall as a cost-effective and impactful marketing tool. Embrace the versatility and effectiveness of Standy Flex to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

How to design a standee banner?

Designing a standee banner requires a thoughtful approach to ensure it effectively communicates your message and captures attention. Follow these steps for a successful design process:

  • Define Your Objective: Start by clarifying the purpose of your standee banner. Whether it’s promoting an event, showcasing products, or raising awareness for a cause, a clear objective will guide your design choices.
  • Know Your Audience: Understand who will be viewing your standee banner and tailor the design to resonate with them. Consider their demographics, interests, and preferences to create a compelling visual.
  • Choose the Right Size and Orientation: Determine the dimensions of your standee banner based on where it will be displayed. Opt for a size that is large enough to grab attention but not overwhelming. Decide between portrait or landscape orientation based on your content and space available.
  • Create Engaging Visuals: Incorporate eye-catching graphics, images, and colors that align with your brand identity and message. Use high-resolution images and bold typography to make key information easily readable from a distance.
  • Keep It Simple and Clear: Avoid cluttering your standee banner with excessive text or visuals. Focus on conveying your message succinctly and clearly. Use bullet points or short phrases to highlight important details.
  • Include Key Information: Ensure your standee banner includes essential information such as your organization’s name, logo, contact details, and any relevant call-to-action. Make these elements prominent and easy to locate.
  • Pay Attention to Placement: Consider where your standee banner will be placed and design it accordingly. Position important elements at eye level for maximum visibility. Leave sufficient space around the edges to prevent important content from being cut off.
  • Proofread and Review: Before finalizing your design, thoroughly proofread all text for spelling and grammar errors. Review the layout and visual elements to ensure everything is aligned and visually appealing.

By following these steps, you can design a standee banner that effectively captures attention, communicates your message, and achieves your objectives.

Optimize Your Display: Rollup Standee Sizes for Every Need

  • 5×2 ft Rollup Standee Size: Perfect for smaller spaces, our 5×2 ft Rollup Standee delivers big impact without overwhelming surroundings. Ideal for grabbing attention in tight spots while ensuring your message stands tall.
  • 6×2.5 ft Rollup Standee Size: Strike the perfect balance between visibility and versatility with our 6×2.5 ft Rollup Standee. Designed to captivate audiences in bustling events or exhibitions, it’s the go-to choice for making your brand stand out.
  • 6×3 ft Rollup Standee Size: Make a bold statement with our 6×3 ft Rollup Standee. Offering unparalleled visibility, it commands attention and leaves a lasting impression, ensuring your brand shines bright in any setting.

Affordable Aluminium Banner Standee Price in Chennai, India

Discover cost-effective solutions with our Aluminium Standee and Stand Banner, offering a perfect blend of durability and affordability. Elevate your brand presentation without breaking the bank, as we provide high-quality banner stand at competitive prices, ensuring a valuable and budget-friendly investment for your promotional needs.

Roll Up Standee Size in FeetProduct TypePrice per Banner Standee
5×2 Banner StandeeAluminium Standee + Star Flex Banner₹1,300.00
6×2.5 Banner StandeeAluminium Standee + Star Flex Banner₹1,400.00
6×3 Banner StandeeAluminium Standee + Star Flex Banner₹1,500.00
6×4 Banner StandeeAluminium Standee + Star Flex Banner₹2500.00
*Prices: All prices are subject to change without notice.

Banner Standee Design Specifications: 150 dpi resolution / around 1 inch margin / CMYK colour / jpeg or pdf file format
Shipping Details: Courier / Parcel charges extra

Transform your promotional efforts with our premium roll-up standees. Order now for a standout display that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is Roll-up Standee?

Photography banner standee showcasing professional equipment and expertise

A Roll-up standee, also known as a Roll-up banner or Pull-up banner, is a Portable stand and Retractable display stand commonly used for promotional and advertising purposes. It consists of a printed graphic or banner material that is attached to a spring-loaded roller mechanism. This mechanism allows the banner to be easily rolled up into the base of the stand when not in use, and it can be quickly pulled up and secured for display.

What is the purpose of roll up banner stand?

Dance Instructor Roll Up Standee Banner Printing Sample

The purpose of a Roll up banner, also known as a Roll up standee, Flex banner stand or Pull up banner, is to provide a portable and visually appealing display for promotional and advertising purposes. Roll-up banners are commonly used in various settings to achieve specific objectives: Brand Promotion, Event Marketing, Product Launches and Promotions, Informational Displays, Retail Environments, Educational and Non-profit Events, Point-of-Purchase Displays, Temporary Signage, Office Decor and Branding and Presentations and Conferences.

How much does making standee cost?

Roll up standee banner printing sample

The cost of making a banner standee varies depending on size and specifications. In Chennai, India, we offer competitive pricing based on these factors. Our small size 5×2 feet aluminium standee printing is available for ₹1,300.00, the medium size 6×2.5 feet roll-up standee is priced at ₹1,400.00, and the large size 6×3 feet standee flex costs ₹1,500.00. These prices ensure affordability without compromising on quality, making our custom standees a perfect solution for elevating your brand visibility and promotional campaigns.

What is the size of banner standee?

Online Book Store Roll Up Banner Standee Printing Sample Photo

The size of a Banner standee or Roll up banner aluminium standee can vary based on individual preferences, marketing needs, and the intended use. However, there are standard sizes that are commonly used in the industry. The most typical dimensions for roll-up banners are: Width: 60 x 24 inches (5×2 feet), 72 x 30 inches (6×2.5 feet), 72 x 36 inches (6×3 feet). These standard sizes are popular because they offer a good balance between visibility and portability.

What is the cost of 6×3 feet standee?

Space Industry Services Roll Up Standee Printing Sample

The cost of a 6×3 feet standee with star flex banner printing priced at ₹1500.00 is remarkably affordable and presents a great value proposition. Star flex material is known for its durability and weather resistance, making it ideal for outdoor usage. This price point offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality, ensuring that your standee effectively conveys your message or brand in various promotional settings. However, it’s essential to confirm the specifics of the printing process, including material thickness, printing resolution, and finishing options, to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

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