Dynamic Display Solutions: Roll-Up Standee, Retractable Banner Stand, and Flex Banner Stand Prices in Chennai, India. Elevate Your Brand Presence with Affordable and Striking Displays!

Enhance your brand visibility with our premium roll-up standees — versatile, portable, and perfect for effective promotions. Whether you’re at a trade show, event, or in-store, our roll-up banners offer a professional and eye-catching solution to showcase your brand.

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Price: ₹1,300.00


Size: 2×5 ft Standee
Material: Aluminium Standee
Printing Quality: Star Flex Printing
Portable: Complete Set includes a Travel Bag
Perfect for Events, Promotions, and Trade Shows

Product Details

2×5 ft Size Roll Up Standee with Star Flex Banner Printing Per Piece @ ₹1,300.00 Only. Fast and easy to set-up, our Rollup banner standee are perfect for sales people on the run. These banner stands set up in under a minute, and allow for replacement graphics. Quick and Easy!

Unveiling the Dynamic Advantages of Roll-Up Standees for Enhanced Brand Visibility

Unlock unparalleled benefits with retractable display stands & roll-up standees, seamlessly combining portability, quick setup, and vibrant graphics to elevate your brand’s visibility. These versatile displays serve as powerful marketing assets, providing a lightweight and easily transportable solution that ensures your brand stands out at events and promotional activities. With customizable messaging and instant impact, pull-up banners amplify your promotional efforts, leaving a memorable mark on your target audience and making every marketing endeavor count.

Affordable Aluminium Roll-Up Banner Standee Cost

Discover cost-effective solutions with our Aluminium Roll-Up Banner Standees, offering a perfect blend of durability and affordability. Elevate your brand presentation without breaking the bank, as we provide high-quality standees at competitive prices, ensuring a valuable and budget-friendly investment for your promotional needs.

Standee SizeProductStandee Printing Cost
2×5 StandeeAluminium Standee₹1,300.00
2.5×6 StandeeAluminium Standee₹1,400.00
3×6 StandeeAluminium Standee₹1,500.00
4×6 StandeeAluminium Standee₹2500.00
*Prices: All prices are subject to change without notice.

Banner Standee Design Specifications: 150 dpi resolution / around 1 inch margin / CMYK colour / jpeg or pdf file format
Delivery: Courier / Parcel charges extra

Transform your promotional efforts with our premium roll-up standees. Order now for a standout display that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is Roll-up Standee?

A roll-up standee, also known as a roll-up banner or pull-up banner, is a portable and retractable display stand commonly used for promotional and advertising purposes. It consists of a printed graphic or banner material that is attached to a spring-loaded roller mechanism. This mechanism allows the banner to be easily rolled up into the base of the stand when not in use, and it can be quickly pulled up and secured for display.

What is the purpose of roll up banner?

The purpose of a roll-up banner, also known as a roll-up standee or pull-up banner, is to provide a portable and visually appealing display for promotional and advertising purposes. Roll-up banners are commonly used in various settings to achieve specific objectives: Brand Promotion, Event Marketing, Product Launches and Promotions, Informational Displays, Retail Environments, Educational and Non-profit Events, Point-of-Purchase Displays, Temporary Signage, Office Decor and Branding and Presentations and Conferences.

How much does a standee cost?

The cost of a standee depends on various factors such as size, material, and quantity. To give you an idea, here are some popular sizes with their respective prices:

  • 5×2 Standee: ₹1,300.00
  • 6×2.5 Standee: ₹1,400.00
  • 6×3 Standee: ₹1,500.00

What is the standee size of a roll up banner?

The size of a standee or roll-up banner can vary based on individual preferences, marketing needs, and the intended use. However, there are standard sizes that are commonly used in the industry. The most typical dimensions for roll-up banners are:

  • Width: 24 inches (2 feet), 30 inches, or 36 inches
  • Height: 60 inches (5 feet) or 72 inches (6 feet)

These standard sizes are popular because they offer a good balance between visibility and portability.

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